Introducing the NFT Whitelist Bot – the ultimate tool for NFT projects and their communities. This Discord bot allows users to easily collect and verify wallet addresses from various blockchains, making it simple to get more people involved in your network. The best part? It’s affordable and easy to use – just invite the bot to your server and let it handle the rest. Try it out now and take your NFT project to the next level.

Here is the documentation of the standard features linked:

Choose the standard version for a cost-effective solution that shares database and job resources with others. Or, upgrade to custom software for a more personalized experience, with the option for additional features and independent operation.

An overview of the standard functions can be found here in the video:

Our software is designed with ease of use and speed in mind, and offers support for multiple configuration methods. Plus, we provide top-notch customer support, including assistance with Excel exports and Discord bot setup. It’s no wonder our bot has been used on hundreds of servers – give it a try and see the benefits for yourself.


NFT Whitelist collection bot buttons
Wallet Collection with buttons
NFT Whitelist collection bot export
Export as a csv