Raid2Earn is a powerful Discord bot that uses the latest version of
DiscordJs, Discord API, TopGG API & Twitter API to provide a seamless experience for server administrators and users alike.

With Raid2Earn, administrators can easily create raids and offer rewards to participants, encouraging engagement and fostering a strong community on their Discord server.

This bot combines a lot of features and is the first „all-in-one“ NFT bot.

Feature 1: Twitter „Raid“ Engagement

It is easy to set up and allows users to link and unlink their Twitter account at any time. The bot is designed to reward raid participants, encourage engagement, and foster a strong community on Discord servers. Its versatility and effectiveness make it an ideal solution for server administrators looking to enhance their community. This bot demonstrates my ability to create intuitive and convenient software that integrates with the Discord API & Twitter API and offers various functionalities.

Feature 2: Discord Activity Reward
A Discord bot that rewards users for their activity on the server, such as sending messages and reacting to messages. The bot includes features to protect against spam, as well as a shop system where admins can add and remove items that users can purchase with their in-game currency. Additionally, I have implemented a staking profit feature in the marketplace, allowing for a gasless marketplace within the Discord server. This bot showcases my ability to create custom software that integrates with the Discord API and implements various features and functionality.

Feature 3: Whitelisting Bot

This bot includes the features of my other succesfull bot: Introducing the NFT Whitelist Bot – the ultimate tool for NFT projects and their communities. This Discord bot allows users to easily collect and verify wallet addresses from various blockchains, making it simple to get more people involved in your network. The best part? It’s affordable and easy to use – just invite the bot to your server and let it handle the rest. Try it out now and take your NFT project to the next level. More information: here

Feature 4 Staking:

Coming soon

Feature 5: A small community game

I have developed a cryptocurrency mining game in which players can mine various types of cryptocurrency, upgrade their mining equipment to boost their mining power, and trade their cryptocurrency on exchanges to earn a profit. This game demonstrates my ability to create interactive and engaging software that utilizes cryptocurrency and economic principles.

All information and documentation can be found on our website: